Hopi Prophecy: The Blue and the Red Stars – INCOMING!


(to the Zionist Slimeballs in Israel, America, Germany, etc.)

THEY are AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan) and THEY are getting ready to DETONATE 911-II and the start of WWIII (ARMAGEDDON)!

WATCH the Zionist-controlled MSM:

As the 911 10th Anniversary approaches, it will be BRIMMING with 911 DECEPTION, like this one (CNN):

Remember, Bush is a MASS MURDERER, LIAR and TRAITOR! The ‘deadly terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001’ were carried out by Zionist Israel’s MOSSAD terrorists, aided and abetted by American terrorist “Auslege” Goy STOOGES (like Bush and MANY others).

No matter what your calendar says, it’s…



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