The Zionist Slimeballs are prepping the next WH CRIMINAL & TRAITOR!

If you haven’t noticed, Texas is a breeding ground of Zionist CRIMINALS and TRAITORS. Remember what VP Joseph Biden proclaimed: “You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist {Slimeball}.” Of course, Texas is far from the ONLY breeding ground of ALIEN AGENTS (Satanists). THEY LIVE! – right here, all over America! These 2 critters happen to be “Auslege” Goy ALIEN STOOGES, bred and branded in Texas.

How can we be SURE THEY are CRIMINALS and TRAITORS? THEY pledge allegiance (and endless American blood and treasure) to the Rogue State of Zionist Israel (aka “New Khazaria”), Homeland of the AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan).

“Don’t worry about the Americans. We, the Jewish people {he meant Zionist Slimeballs}, CONTROL America and the Americans know it.” (ex-PM of Zionist Israel – Ariel Sharon). Contact AIPAC or Abe Foxman (ADL of the B’nai B’rith) or ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu for a list of the Zionist Slimeballs who CONTROL America. Haim Saban, Arnon Milchan, ‘911 Judge’ Alvin Hellerstein, ‘Lucky’ Larry Silverstein, Sumner Rothstein, ‘Sir’ Alan Greenspan & Ben Bernanke (the ‘Demonic Duo’ – aka ‘The Sorcerer and his Apprentice’), Tim ‘Tax Cheat’ Geithner, ‘Mayor’ Rahmbo Emanuel and ‘Rabbi’ Dov Zakheim are on the LONG list of CONTROLLERS. You can call it “SATAN’s LIST”

ANY politician who does not demand the COMPLETE ANNIHILATION of Zionist Israel, the perpeTRAITORS of the 911 “Crime of the Millennium” and MANY other CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA AND HUMANITY, is a TRAITOR to America! ANY politician who does not also demand the immediate ARREST, PROSECUTION and EXECUTION of ALL Zionist Slimeballs, convicted of aiding and abetting the 911 CRIMINALS in Zionist Israel, is a TRAITOR to America – and should be HANGED for HIGH TREASON! The entire Bush and Obama Administrations should also be ARRESTED AND TRIED for HIGH TREASON. Of course, all Zionist Slimeball members of the Judiciary should be summarily DISMISSED before all the trials for HIGH TREASON (including their own) start. Zionism and Zionist Slimeballs must be DESTROYED – BEFORE THEY totally destroy America and establish GULAG EARTH! (SEE! “War of the Worlds” for a pre-view of what THEY have planned for Humanity)

My COMMENT on the recent denial of Attorney/Accused privacy rights to Edgar Steele by the Idaho Supreme Court:

“The American Gov’t, including the WH, CONgress and the Judiciary, up to and including the Supreme Court, have been SEIZED in a coup by Zionist Slimeballs whose Homeland is Zionist Israel, aka “New Khazaria”. All letters and phone calls to anyone in power within the aforementioned, infiltrated institutions will be of NO AVAIL! Since Bush, the Constitution has been trashed as “just a piece of paper”, while real power is now in the slimy tentacles of THE BEAST (ZIORex) and his humanoid AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan).

If you think this is extreme or over-the-top, you are still one of the SHEEPLE, with the wool pulled over your eyes. Pretty soon, the sheer magnitude {of the} HORROR which has befallen America will become self-evident – but it will be TOO LATE! Poor Edgar’s nightmare and abuse is only the beginning of THE END. THEY LIVE – and will soon succeed in DESTROYING America as we knew it. GULAG AMERICA (and GULAG EARTH) are next on their agenda! 911 was the “Kick-Off” of the Zionist Slimeball ATTACK ON AMERICA. The GRAND DEPRESSION (still in progress) and engineered by the Zionist Slimeball “Demonic Duo” of Greenspan & Bernanke (better known as “The Sorcerer and his Apprentice”) is another plank in their platform of DESTRUCTION.

Poor Edgar is just one among their first targeted victims. America’s prisons and FEMA camps will soon be filled with other violated victims.

It’s high time for “SEVEN DAYS IN MAY”!!! – or we are all doomed.”

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