“9/11: Infiltration and Derailment” by Gordon Duff of “Veterans Today”

At first glance, you might think that Gordon Duff has finally fingered the perpeTRAITORS of 911 in his latest article (click on photo). As you keep nodding in agreement with many of his points, the WORDS sound so logical and sincere – until you have the epiphany moment (maybe!) that all he has just done is add more WORDS to a veritable tsunami of WORDS about 911 (many of them contradictory) which are inundating all of America’s cyberspace.

Does Gordon (among others) realize that ACTIONS speak a heckuvalot louder than WORDS – no matter how many (accurate) words are uttered and repeated ad infinitum? It doesn’t seem so! Here are just a coppola ACTIONS that would speak louder than all the WORDS ever uttered about the 911 BIG LIE:

(1) Only publish stories about 911 on “Veterans Today” until 9/11/2011 (that would make it clear just how important Gordon thinks 911 really is! Have EVERY contributing author write only stories about 911). This may seem like just a call for more words, but there is an important ACTION (by Gordon) required.

(2) Organize and personally lead a “911 Protest March” on Washington DC for 9/11/2011, including the WH and CONgress (that would make it clear just important Gordon thinks 911 really is!)

Talk is cheap, Gordon! (and VERY DECEPTIVE!)

Are Gordon and VT the ULTIMATE SHILL ‘False-Flag’ operation, cunningly designed to drown 911 truth in a tsunami of more and mere WORDS?! THINK about it.

I’m sure that Gordon is familiar with these revealing words from Zionist Slimeball Harold Wallace Rosenthal (The Hidden Tyranny”):

“We will never be deposed with words, only force!” (FORCE = ACTION)

The following COMMENT was made to the latest Gordon Duff and James Fetzer 911 articles on the VT website. Commentator “Jim” has the right idea – but who is listening and DOING anything??? “Jim” is somewhat of a “yellow belly” and doesn’t (yet) realize that only “SEVEN DAYS IN MAY” are the next-to-last solution to the Zionist Slimeball ALIEN INVASION! The FINAL SOLUTION belongs to Yahweh (Ezekiel 22:20 SEE! previous posts) NOTE how another Commentator (Eliot Bernstein – similar to Larry Silverstein and Alvin Hellerstein) NEVER ONCE mentions the real perpeTRAITORS (Israeli and Israeli-American Zionist Slimeballs) but only attacks the American (“Auslege” Goy) Government. With a name like Eliot Bernstein, we shouldn’t be surprised!

“(I Posted This Under Fetzer’s article but meant it for this blog, so I am posting it twice.)

My Cheers and Jeers on Your Post… A Call for Realism, Civil Disobedience, and Organized Stratagems for Knocking the Octopus Out Once and For All

Cheers for being the advocate of truth you are. You have more integrity and smarts in your pinky than most 911 researchers have in their whole catalogue of work. Cheers to you for taking on the freemasonry aspect of this crime, which while very apparent, does not seem to get the coverage it should. I think this piece is a well tempered argument that tells it like it is for the most part; it will only upset reactionaries or the very people you seem to be calling out.
Now for the Jeers and what I see as the real problem and solution.
I disagree about the way you are contrasting the current anti-war generation as if they are a soft, easily compromised naive group of individuals compared to the hardened Vietnam pack. The deeper insights into the way that played out is more subtle, and Nixon was privately trying to end the war against the wishes of the Opium dealing crowd that runs the show for real. Just a minor point, but let’s not buy into the whole myth as given to us by All The President’s Men, nor believe that what is missing now is that beleaguered college of cynical vets.
As someone in the younger generation, I can attest that there are many of disgruntled veterans from our two wars that are in the same heroic position as the Vietnam vets from your memory. And the younger civilian anti-war activists are far from being the MSNBC, latte drinking liberals that fall into the left-right paradigm. In fact, it is our generation that intuitively threw that paradigm out, correctly perceiving it as a control mechanism.
I agree with you that there is no ORGANIZATION in the 911 movement-at-large, at least in the monolithic sense, but the internet and hive mind culture that has adapted to our current political milieu has found a way to sort through all of the subterfuge. Yes, I am sure you have experienced this curious phenomenon, this strange peer review process done in a computer-like recursive fashion on the order of billions of recursions. Sure, if you stop here or there you might get a whiff of disinfo, but in the aggregate we are well ahead and have all but solved the case.
Yes, the case is solved. And if you don’t know, give me a shout out. Because like JFK, if someone tells you the jury is out, they are selling you something. And if someone gets harsh on any visual SFX tomfoolery, they are not only selling you something, but are dangerous. The real untold and shocking truth that millions won’t yet believe is the complicity from super-mega media cartels?
But how can this be you ask? If they know who did it, then how come nothing has happened and no one has gone to jail? In other words, why no hopey changey? Well, let me turn the question back on you. If you think ten years after 9-11 and no justice is bad, what can you and the Vietnam generation say about the coup d-etat and assassination of JFK on November 22?
Yeah, we all know who did that as well, and despite almost 50 years elapsing and most of the main players being dead, there isn’t a whisper about it. Amazingly, the mainstream media and no governmental body will rectify this position. If our government hasn’t come clean about JFK, we don’t really have a free and democratic government.
It’s About Playing as Hard as They Play (Sons of Liberty Style)
The younger generation is not apathetic, nor are they naive. In fact, quite contrary to the baby boomers, we are all very much “awake” and immediately saw even before 911 that we were not a true democracy since you can’t have that “national security state” and open government at the same time.
It will be 50 years soon since Kennedy was shot? Answer that crime and you answer all the others ones that came after. The questions is, are you ready? Are the readers of this blog ready? Are Americans ready to take the risks associated with ORGANIZING with a clear knowledge of the enemy and well honed strategy to take down domino after domino until the kingpins roll?
If they can assassinate a senator, I am surprised a savvy web 2.0 savant doesn’t just publish a list of names next to a list of donations for “clean-up work.”
Is that radical? Yes. It is it change? Change you can believe in.
And to all those who quote Ghandi in their calls to non-violence as the only option, lest we cede our rights, let me remind you that they shot Ghandi too. Do you want to live in a world where truth is literally banned from your lips at the end of a gun, all the while the silver haired foxes lie about it. And then watch as dumbed-down populations grows up around this artificial nightmare of cultural degeneration and mass psychosis?
The 9-11 movement biggest stumble was “asking for a new investigation.” Right. Hey, while we are at it, why not run the ballistics from Dealey Plaza and argue about that for another ten years.
No, the answer is to leave the Hegelian dialectic that can march on and on to ever more nuanced answers as to the complete description of those events, and instead enter the world of strategic action to mobilize political transformation. The goal is to recognize the chess match for what it is, and play to our strengths: the moral highroad, millions of supporters, and an already crumbling edifice in which we only need to leverage key liaisons that upon pressure will turn against the greater heavies.
On and on, the debate should not be about thermite or targeted energy blah blah blah… I don’t want to answer that question for my own nerdish curiosity, but because of its forensic value. But with enough evidence to be waaaay beyond grand jury indictments, it is not really about conspiracy debate. That is letting their framing take hold of our will. The opposite should occur.
Our will should hold them hostage (metaphorically of course). There are lots of guilty talking heads on television that wish they could tell the truth. Many more corporate CEOs and so forth are probably very quick to talk if they have a little fright, but instead they feel they have the power of propaganda on their side, and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. The people would be empowered by a confession, don’t you think? Instead of arguing if it is anti-semitic to call out Israel’s role, let’s have one of those guilty of misprision of treason roll on some of those big heads that are about to roll anyway…
(I don’t advocate violence in any way, but only encourage readers to think outside the box and frame positive action towards a goal in other terms than just waiting for an entire consensus to develop and law and order to just right itself. In a system as corrupt as ours, that can’t happen without a revolution, since we wouldn’t have anyone in congress. And instead of arguing about what people are shilling or not shilling, let the blogs of America be devoted to the methods by which we wrestle the behemoth from power and restore the Republic.)”

So what “Jim” is (correctly) saying is that all the 911 wordsmiths, including Gordon and James, are not part of the solution but part of the problem! Are they really just STUPID – or are they part of the Zionist Shill campaign to drown out positive action in a tsunami of never-ending WORDS?! (that’s a “rhetorical” question).

Here are the COMMENTS from another commentator who has the best grasp of what 911 was all about:

“One of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life, was to come to grips with the breadth and depth of the corruption and the demonic wickedness that is Washington DC.

Yes, 9/11 itself was bad enough, but it’s actually been (1) the breadth and the depth of the cover-up of 9/11; (2) the subsequent, completely unopposed orgy of senseless bloody violence; and (3) the clear road ahead, clearly leading to complete political, moral, economic, and physical self-destruction, that drives the point home.

Every time I thought I’d seen the bottom, they showed me something worse. Now I realize there is no bottom…there’s simply no limit to their wickedness. What we’re dealing with here is pure evil. And if people don’t start resisting the satanic beings pulling the strings, we’ll all be consumed…as their agenda will ultimately require all of our “rights”, all of our assets, probably even our lives.”


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