Humanity Under Attack: the HUMAN Race vs the ALIEN Race (of Satan)

Mere words, no matter how courageously, truthfully, eloquently and repetitively assembled, can fully convey neither the depth of America’s recent (since about 1963) tragedy nor the utterly sinister powers which deliberately, deceptively and cruelly caused America’s descent into the abyss. The American sheeple have been led astray and betrayed by an enemy of such cunning and cruelty as to defy even the wildest imagination. When voices, such as William “Willy” Rodriguez’s, Dean Hartwell’s, James Fetzer’s, Dr. Alan Sabrosky’s and those of many others (mostly about 911) are nothing more than cries in the wilderness which America has become, we can only conclude that the CRIMINALS and TRAITORS have seized near-absolute control over the public and private institutions of America and that Orwell’s “1984” has finally arrived. And we can’t rule out the possibility (likelihood?) that some of those above ‘voices, crying in the wilderness’, have been recruited by the Zionist Entity (Jonathan Azaziah doesn’t have everything about 911 right but he understands the Zionist Entity and their MO very well) to deliberately add to the cacophony of confusion about 911 – and thereby diffuse and divert energy which might be marshaled towards any POSITIVE ACTION being taken against the Zionist Slimeball perpeTRAITORS. In other words, THEY are just very sophisticated and deceptive Zionist SHILLS! Remember that those AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan) are extremely intelligent and CUNNING!

As Harold Wallace Rosenthal of “The Hidden Tyranny” (substitute ‘Zionist’ for ‘Jew’) infamy revealed, “sticks and stones may break our bones but words can never hurt us” (paraphrased).

The enemy within America (and in Zionist Israel) can ONLY be defeated by FORCE – IRRESISTIBLE and OVERWHELMING FORCE! If the remaining American patriots in the Military fail to muster such force, a ‘Higher Authority’ will be required to defeat THEM! “Seven Days In May” (or in any other month) are now America’s (and Humanity’s) NEXT-TO-LAST HOPE! Here are the TWENTY STEPS necessary from America’s INTERIM GOVERNMENT to break the Zionist Slimeballs’ choke-hold on America (Revolutionary War II – “Seven Days”).

These are indeed desperate times – and desperate measures will be required to save America! THAT‘s how bad things really are. Click on the 3 GodSend links for the gory details – and the source of Humanity’s ULTIMATE HOPE!

“Financial Armageddon” is about to be unleashed as the American and European DEBT BOMBS, cunningly crafted by Zionist Slimeballs, are set to go off! THEY have a plan (in progress since 2001) to make the price of gold SKYROCKET. 911 added substantially to their gold HOARD. THEY are ACCUMULATING all the gold THEY can for nefarious purposes.

“I assure you this: Fed and ECB hubris will fail, and when it does the results will likely be catastrophic.” (“Knish-Mish” Mike Shedlock – Zionist Shill Supreme – but he’s right about the coming catastrophe!). The BLAME belongs to the Zionist Slimeballs and their “Auslege” Goy STOOGES – in the WH, at the FED, at the ECB, on Wall St. and in CONgress!

How did/does Satan (the GREAT DECEIVER) and the AGENTS (Zionist Slimeball Satanists) of his ANCIENT ALIEN RACE deceive millions of Americans and Humanity?

August 8

I fear, lest somehow, as the Serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. (2 Corinthians 11:3)

Deception is not something out there that is put upon us willy-nilly, or in spite of ourselves. All deception has its own ground in man. What is that ground? It is the fact that man is now a psychical being. Now if you can get to the bottom of that, if you can apprehend that, you will understand the whole thing. The ground of all this is in the fact that man is a psychical being, and when Satan interfered with man at the beginning and man consented along the line of his own soul-life, Satan made man suitable to his own government. It was not that he came and set himself up as man’s ruler and subjected man by sheer force to his own government. How did he do it? By breaking into that realm in man’s being where man was linked with God, and that was in the realm of man’s spirit. “He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit,” and man was in fellowship and communion with God by means of his spirit, not his soul, not his body. These two were under the government of his spirit. The enemy, the Deceiver came to man’s soul, and instead of man reacting by his spirit-fellowship with, and knowledge of, God, he dropped down on to his soul, came out of his spirit and reacted in his soul.

What is soul? It is reason, emotion, feeling, desire, and then, of course, choice, or will. And the enemy reasoned through the desires and captured the will by deception. You see what happened when man violated the very organ of his union with God, his spirit…. So the enemy governs man, and the whole of the race now through the nature of the soul-life. What is the basis of deception? It is just that! How do you get a counterfeit Holy Ghost operating? By reason of your psychical nature. You can become mediumistic in your very psychical nature and open all the avenues of your being to supernatural guidance and come under the power, the sway, dominion, of deceiving spirits operating in a multitude of ways. You can so suspend your soul and come into a state of utter passivity that you are open to everything to play upon you. You can have your quiet hour in your soul, which is the most perilous hour of your life. That happens by suspending all spiritual activity and becoming utterly passive and opening your psychical being, which is a most dangerous thing. God never asks you to become spiritually passive. Waiting upon God is not being spiritually passive. God wants us active in spirit even when waiting on Him in silence.

By T. Austin-Sparks from: Christ The Power Of God – Chapter 3

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