911 – “Stranger Than Fiction”

“9/ll was an inside job.

The current government of the United States is not only illegitimate, it’s profoundly CRIMINAL.”

There were NO PLANES!

BUT…there is MORE!

Still MORE!



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6 Responses to 911 – “Stranger Than Fiction”

  1. Interesting post.

    Didn’t give the no plane ANY credence whatsoever, but thoughts have sure been raised. Not enough to sway my opinion though, but I do still believe 9/11 was an inside job.

    • GodSend says:

      Life is not so much a matter of discovering one’s beliefs as it is a matter of discovering truth, often “inconvenient” truth which conflicts with one’s cherished beliefs. If you dig deep enough, you will discover that there were NO PLANES (airliners, anyway) in the 911 Attack on America. Poorly edited videos, at best. Why did THEY publish them anyway, despite their obvious flaws? ARROGANCE! THEY know (or think) THEY can get away with anything (like the recent killing of Osama HOAX). Come to think of it, most of our world, as published by the Zionist-controlled MSM, is a HOAX. Nevertheless, the treasure of Truth CAN be found in the fields of cyberspace.

  2. The problem is truth seems to be a property not within the grasp of a human. You yourself believe you have found truth, but it still remains your own subjective opinion, which incidentally is shared by a small number of people. Belief still may be truth.

    I think quite the same about the world; the control of the Zionists, the New World Order, and so much more. Knowing this stuff can be quite scary, but I find it the worst how little change we can inflict upon our corrupted society.

    • GodSend says:

      Well, yes, sometimes belief and truth are identical. Remember that truth is knowable: “You shall know the Truth and the Truth will make you free.” We are not condemned to live in ignorance or fear (including fear of death). What does it take to discover truth? It takes SEEKING. What kind of seeking? Desperate and diligent 24×7 seeking, NOT just casual inquiry! “Seek and you shall find”. “Knock and it will be answered.” “Ask and you shall receive.”

      Once you know ultimate Truth (Jesus the Christ), nothing about this world (ruled by Satan, the “Great Deceiver”) will be scary, including death! You’re right, there is little we can do to change our corrupted world, BUT we can become free of its corrupting influence and destructive power. What’s that worth? It’s worth Eternal Life! The trick, my friend, is to keep seeking until you discover as much truth as possible – including about 911, the MANY Zionist Slimeball crimes, the Osama assassination HOAX, the criminal corruption of America’s leadership, and, most importantly, Jesus the Christ. Good Luck!

  3. Suma says:

    Godsend, I almost agree with you. Find the ultimate truth in the ONE (ALLAH) ,The CREATOR of all things including Jesus Christ(peace be upon him) .If you believe in Jesus Christ(pbuh) then you must believe in Adam ,Noah and Ibrahim which brings us to the question, did any of them (pbu) them all, claim that their God’s name was Jesus? Where ? Did it ever occur to you that Jesus asked “Allah” for help when he(Jesus) was on the cross? If Jesus were God , why was he unable to help himself? Where in the Bible did Jesus say he was “the God”,or did he ever claim to have had created the heavens and the earth?
    Since you’re into researching for “the Thruth” try to look into how Paul invented this nonsense about Christ(pbuh) .May I suggest a book ( The Cross and the Crescent) by Jerald F Dirks , hopefully you’ll be intrigued enough to further investigate the most important subject of all “GOD” !
    Good luck!

    • GodSend says:

      “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life. NO ONE comes to the Father except through Me.”
      “I and the Father are ONE.”

      Spoken by “the son of Man” and the “Son of God”, Jesus the Christ.

      Jesus said that He came (was sent by the Father) to die on the cross – to absolve and REDEEM all those who accept His blood sacrifice and REPENT.

      John 3:16!

      You CANNOT join the new, spiritual humanity and “Family of God” UNLESS you are “Born again from Above” and ACCEPT His awesome sacrifice for your personal forgiveness of sin and Salvation! Every other religion is a figment of human imagination and satanic deception!

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