NetanYAHOO addresses Israel’s GOY STOOGES in CONgress

Who warned America that the ROGUE State of Zionist Israel must not be allowed to have nuclear weapons?

THEY (Mossad) arranged to murder  JFK because he tried to prevent Israel from acquiring nuclear weapons!

Mordechai Vanunu risked his life (and paid a heavy price in Solitary Confinement in an Israeli prison) for DISCLOSING to the world that Israel was developing nukes {illegally} in Dimona!

Then, the Zionist STOOGE State of Germany “donated” 6 nuclear capable submarines to Israel so it could deliver the nukes anywhere in the world, including the capitals of Europe (SEE! the “Samson Option”)

Albert Einstein WARNED America about Begin’s ZIONAZI fascist party (Likud) in Israel, which is now run by NetanYAHOO and threatens the entire world!

What is to be done about Zionist Israel, the REAL ENEMY of the Jews (and of the world)?

STUDY my website and Blogs and DISCOVER Yahweh’s FINAL SOLUTION!

(Ezekiel 22:20)


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