04 April 2011 – 13H53 (AFP) (“low-level” means high enough to kill all life in the water!)

Japan starts dumping radioactive water into sea!Water gushing into the Pacific Ocean from Japan’s damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has radiation levels millions of times above the regulatory limit!

(CNN – 05 April 2011)

Fukushima Reactor Waste MOX Fuel Rods Assembly (green) and destroyed “Pond”:


What comes after “Inadvertent Criticality”???

How about “Inadvertent Armageddon”???

Does Stephen Hawking know (anything)???

Where have you gone, Albert Einstein???

(a nation {Japan} turns its scared-to-death eyes to you!)

Click on the reactor graphic for the latest video UPDATE by Arnie Gundersen. Don’t believe everything that Gundersen says, either. There is NON-DISCLOSURE going on!


Here’s a more realistic situation assessment by Steve Lendman (April 18, 2011)



The above graphic (top) shows the initial spread of the Cesium-137, Strontium-90 (half-life = 29.1 years) and Plutonium-239 MOX (half-life = 24,100 years) DEATH TSUNAMI, carried by radioactive waters from Fukushima around the Pacific – and then AROUND THE WORLD. This Watery Plume of Death will then extend, by oceanic evaporation, into the atmosphere and will be carried (by air and rain) over…

ALL LAND MASSESDraw your own conclusions as to what this means for Japan, Planet Earth and Humanity. Do you (STILL) believe what “Scientists”, Government officials, (Tokyo) Nuclear Power companies* and the Zionist-CONTROLLED MainStream Media say??? (DON’T!!!)

THEY are all radiating CRAP (LIES)!

(Let’s all remember that Federal Gov’t officials {up to and including Bush-it and ObamaRahm-a} and the MSM have been LYING about 911 since September 11, 2001!)

*A top TEPCO official acknowledged it could take a long time to clean up the complex.

“We cannot say at this time how many months or YEARS it will take.” TEPCO Vice President Sakae Muto said, insisting the main goal now is to keep the reactors cool.

In addition to the much-heralded Japanese stoicism and placidity when under severe stress, we should remember that Japan’s political and business leaders have a blemished history of militarism, fascism, racism and violating and/or concealing nuclear power-related regulations (packing too many nuclear waste rods into the “Ponds”, deceiving international regulators and their own people, etc.). Japan’s leaders must be held at least in part accountable for the nuclear disaster, now unfolding. To claim that God is punishing the Japanese for past offenses is, of course, ludicrous. The earthquake and tsunami are a WARNING from Israeli Zionist Slimeballs to Japan and to Humanity (see “Jim Stone” link about Fukushima). On the other hand, “Scientists” and our Zionist-CONTROLLED Government leaders, who have been put on a pedestal and who continue to violate and challenge God’s Divine Order of Things (LHC, etc.), have committed sheer lunacy by building nuclear power plants of piss-poor design near fault lines and in heavily populated coastal areas – and then fueling them with lethal fuels like MOX and others. God only knows if this was an Armageddon mistake. Chernobyl came close – and what did we learn from it? This could well become “Sayonara” for the human race and all life on the planet, as planned by Zionist Slimeball ALIENS. Of course, there are several “Acts of God” yet to come – of FAR greater magnitude (Ezekiel 22:20). High time to get OUR ACT TOGETHER, collectively and individually!

Jeffrey Immelt, the leading man who brought Plutonic Death to Japan, assisted by Japanese Gov’t and TEPCO officials!

Leading Zionist Slimeballs who CONTROL the MainStream Media:

Redstone, Murdoch, Zucker, Saban, Bronfman, Bewkes, Immelt, Iger, Sulzberger, Zell

If you can, get out of Japan. Then visit:

“Sons Of Light”

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