Charlie Sheen (911 Truther) VS Zionist Slimeball (Chaim Levine)

So now it’s a battle between the slimy Zionist Slimeball (on the left) VS the star of the #1 Sitcom “2 1/2 Men” and 911 Truther Charlie Sheen. Who says that the Zionist Slimeballs don’t CONTROL Hollywood (along with the rest of America)? YOU BETCHA – THEY CONTROL Hollywood AND America!

“Don’t worry about the Americans. We, the Jewish people, {he meant Zionist Slimeballs} CONTROL America and the Americans know it.” (Ariel Sharon – comatose ex-PM of Zionist Israel)

Are you (still) wondering who CONTROLS the American MainStream Media?


The above comments and links to Charlie Sheen are NOT an endorsement of his values and conduct, except on the topics of 911, ObamaRahm-a, Zionist Slimeball Chaim Levine and the Zionist Slimeball MATRIX which CONTROLS Hollywood and America’s MSM.

ANYONE who does not publicly condemn Zionist Israel for the ATROCITIES and ATTACK ON AMERICA committed on 911 is NOT TO BE TRUSTED!


It is becoming clear that Charlie Sheen has been turned into a living ZOMBIE by those Zionist Slimeballs at Time-Warner, Chaim Levine and Leslie Moonves and other Zionist MATRIX Slimeballs. In the interview with Piers Morgan (CNN – a Zionist MATRIX subsidiary), Charlie declared himself “stupid” for having only hours earlier declared that Chaim Levine is a Zionist Slimeball. Not only that, neither Piers nor Charlie even so much as whispered anything about 911! THEY are ready to reduce ANYONE to ashes (like the WTC#1-7) for publicly bringing up the topic of 911. Do we need any more proof that 911 is their “Achilles’ Heel”, by which THEY have administered a self-inflicted, MORTAL WOUND to the Zionist MATRIX? (NO, we don’t!) It’s just a matter of a little more time!

NOTE that the MSM, including the Media outlets and their Blogs on the WWW, are launching an ALL-OUT ATTACK on poor Charlie, in the hope that he will self-destruct. If he plays the 911 TRUMP CARD NOW, THEY will SELF-DESTRUCT! – and he will finally be WINNING! Let’s hope and pray that he will go for their JUGULAR!

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