Obama and Mubarak – Bosom Buddies!

Why did America and ObamaRahm-a support the Egyptian dictator? – and why do they still support oppressive regimes throughout the world? They all have the same MASTERS (Israeli Zionists). What does the Egyptian Uprising (it was NOT a Revolution – YET) have to do with 911? The Israeli Zionist Slimeballs have their slimy tentacles EVERYWHERE! SEE! for yourself.

Look for deep pro-Zionist connections in the successor Regime that will follow Mubarak. It will be ‘hailed’ by Obama and the Zionist-controlled Media as the emergence of a “democratic process” in Egypt. It may be anything BUT a democratic process and just a more disguised or concealed form of Zionist “Hidden Hand” rule – as in America. Let’s wait and SEE! A real Revolution may still be necessary in Egypt – but ‘People Power’ has been clearly demonstrated – to Egypt, to other M.E. dictators and to the world (including America!). The global ZOG monster (Zionist-Occupied Governments) CAN be successfully overthrown if the masses are rallied by fearless and committed patriots!

Speaking of Egypt, have you ever heard of the “Great Pyramid Scheme”? It explains not only what’s going on in Egypt – but what’s happening ALL OVER THE WORLD! Click on the image of the 3 pyramids, erected by the ANCIENT ALIENS from Orion’s Belt! (1/17) THEY LIVE (HERE!). Click on the SWISS CONNECTION (William Pawelec interview), map below, to learn more about the ALIEN INVASION of America (Really!).

Oh say – can you SEE!? Connect the 6 dots (pyramids)!

And the ANSWER is:


Israeli Supreme Court, guarded by the “Eye of Horus”,


“You shall know the TRUTH
and the TRUTH will set you FREE!”
(John 8:32)



“the ruler of this world.”

(for now but not for much longer!)

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