The 911 Truth Movement is NATIONAL and GLOBAL

Visit AWESOME AMERICA (click on map, above) to learn more about America’s States. (Sad to say, the authors of AWESOME AMERICA are still IN THE DARK about 911!)

The 911 Truth Movement is NATIONAL in scope. Every State in the Union has 911 Truth Movement ACTIVIST groups, dedicated to raise American awareness of the”False-Flag” CRIME and ATTACK ON AMERICA, committed by the ROGUE STATE of…


…(aided an abetted by TRAITORS in our Federal Government and other institutions, including the Pentagon and National Security Agencies (FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.) in broad daylight. The COVER-UP of Israel’s ATTACK since 9-11-2001 represents TREASON by 2 PRESIDENTS – Bush and Obama – and various people in their Administrations, as well as by the National MEDIA. There will be HELL TO PAY for the TRAITORS and ISRAELI ATTACKERS when the 911 Truth becomes pervasive and SELF-EVIDENT – and the PERPETRAITORS are finally brought to JUSTICE. Every American patriot has a duty to help UNCOVER the…


Click on the STATE MAPS in the following 10 posts to SEE! State-level 911 Truth Movement activity.

ZIONISM is not just another faddish ISM – like CommunISM, CapitalISM, SocialISM, FeminISM, NazISM, FascISM, FederalISM, BuddhISM, HinduISM, EcumeISM, JudaISM, etc. To fully understand the diabolical nature of ZIONISM, you MUST view it in the context of the history of the Universe, our Solar System, our Planet and Humanity. Its roots (of EVIL) go back to the Creation of the World – and the FALL of Lucifer (aka SATAN). Remember that DECEPTION is the Mossad motto – and that of the “GREAT DECEIVER”!

Should Americans be concerned about Zionist SHILLS having infiltrated the 911 Truth Movement? Absolutely! There are hundreds, if not thousands of Zionist Shills at work, trying to prevent the 911 Truth from emerging and reaching public consciousness. What is the ULTIMATE Truth about 911 that THEY want to PREVENT from reaching public acknowledgment? That’s right, it’s the fact that ISRAEL DID IT! At this late stage of rapidly spreading consciousness about 911 Truth, OFFICIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT that ISRAEL DID IT, is what THEY will try to prevent AT ALL COST. Why? Because that ‘Official Acknowledgment’ would prove to the world that the American Federal Gov’t has committed TREASON against the American People! Not only that, it would open Pandora’s Box about all the other ZIONIST CRIMES that have been committed (and concealed) against America in the past.

A COMPREHENSIVE, PUBLIC and INDEPENDENT (from Gov’t influence) RE-INVESTIGATION of 911 will lead to EXPOSURE of all the TRAITORS and CRIMINALS in Zionist Israel and America (and some other places).


For an IN-DEPTH analysis and EXPOSURE of ZIONISM, visit my website……… (“Sons of Light”) and other Blog (“Sons of Light” Blog) and STUDY the…

“Illustrated Guide to the Universe”


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