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“We are all just prisoners here, {some} of our own device.”

Every day, people from different nations visit this blog…

[Visitors to this Blog in 2014 live in 142 different countries!]

[Visitors to this Blog in 2013 live in 147 different countries!]


…and my main “Sons of Light” website and my other websites (Blog#2; POA; BIO). Whether you live in the Maldives, Portugal, Belgium, Russia, Cambodia, Switzerland, France, Indonesia, Hungary, Poland, New Zealand, Israel, China, Australia, England, India, Bangladesh, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Kenya, Holland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Sudan, Norway, Sweden, America or anywhere else in the world, somehow you found this place. Since you did, consider yourself one of the few “Chosen”. Many are called, but few are “Chosen”.

We live in precarious END TIMES and in a world full of DECEPTION (Mossad motto), as you well know. The DECEPTION is FAR greater than you probably think. Among all of Satan’s and his ALIENS’ DECEPTION, the WHOLE TRUTH is extremely difficult to find (unEarth). The most dangerous and deceptive form of brainwashing (“programming”) humanity which THEY have adopted is the MEDIA, especially the “Boob Tube” (TV) but also the Print Media and even the Web (CNN, FOX, BBC, CBS, NBC, etc.). If you rely on those “popular” sources for Truth, you will NOT find it – but your thoughts and your actions will be gradually and imperceptibly CONTROLLED through subliminal messages and other deceptive techniques of mass mind control of which you are not even conscious! The ANCIENT ALIEN Enemy of Humanity is EXTREMELY cunning – as well as cold-blooded and cruel!

Time is Running Out (FAST) – Get Ready!

I’m very serious when I advise you to STUDY my websites and blogs (and embedded links), because a superficial inspection will NOT reveal to you some of the most important Truth on which your well-being and even survival will depend. The “language” which I have adopted to communicate Truth is universal and consists of colorful images as well as words and music. These can be understood by everyone, even if your command of English is not perfect.

The beauty and power of the Internet is that no matter where you are on this planet, even in the remotest place, you can have access to the Truth in privacy and you can thereby become FREE from the deceptive and destructive powers which rule planet Earth! THEY are now desperate in their final assault on humanity (911, 311, GRAND DEPRESSION, etc.) which will soon reach its climax. Fortunately, THEY are about to be EXPOSED and DESTROYED – THANK GOD!

The Savior of humanity, Jesus the Christ, said: “Be of good cheer – I have overcome the world”. Make SURE that you get to know Him and join the family of God and the new, spiritual and immortal humanity BEFORE time ends!

May God be with you and enlighten you with His Truth!

Have a beautiful day!

“When we have the right relationship with God, life is full of spontaneous, joyful uncertainty and expectancy.”

(Oswald Chambers, “My Utmost for his Highest”, April 29)

“In My Father’s house, there are many mansions.

I go to prepare a place for you.”

Who we are – and who we will be (Followers of Christ)

September 3

(The Origin of GodSend)

“He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places, far above all principality and power and might and dominion… and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.” (Ephesians 1:20,21; 2:6)

Get a revelation of that to your heart by the Holy Spirit, and see its emancipating power and its sustaining power. And that is for present revelation to the heart. That is the thing which the Lord has been seeking to reveal to our hearts more and more for a long time. The point is this, that, inasmuch as that is the side of vision presented, you and I have to seek the Lord for spiritual capacity to see it. And that leads us to that other fragment in the same letter, from which we have just quoted: “That He would grant unto you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, the eyes of your hearts being enlightened….” The eyes of your hearts being enlightened! That is the other side of vision.

Will you pray this for yourself? Will you pray this for all God’s people? When the Lord’s people get a new spiritual Holy Ghost revelation of the Sovereign Headship of Christ, and begin to hold fast the Head, they let go of everything that is local, and personal, and different, and scattered on the earth. That is the place to which to come for unity. We cannot be at variance with one another as the Lord’s children if Christ is absolute Sovereign Head in our lives. When the Lord Jesus gets the complete mastery as Head in our lives, then all independence of action, and life, and all self-will, self-direction, self-seeking, self-glory and self-vindication will go. These are the things which set us apart from one another. You pass from Isaiah, and as you do so you remember that you have the results of such a vision seen in this man Isaiah. Such a vision immediately has the effect of humiliating him to the dust. Oh, yes, we lose all our pride, all our importance when once we see the Lord in glory. “Woe is me….” That is humiliation! Then, after humiliation, there is consecration: “Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged.” And, after humiliation and consecration, there comes vocation: “…who will go for Us?” “Then I said, Here am I; send me.”

By T. Austin-Sparks from: The Lord’s Testimony and the World Need – Chapter 3

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THEY LIVE – and THEY are KILLING the Institutions of Western Civilization as part of the ALIEN AGENDA to transform planet Earth into a SLAVE COLONY {for ALIEN consumption}. Shades of the Twilight Zone [“To SERVE Man” – to THEMselves!]


There is only ONE explanation for all the HOAXES, including Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon “bombing”, the Aurora theater shooting, the Virginia Studio “shooting”, 911 and even 311 (Fukushima), also including Jade Helm, the Domestic Drones program, FEMA camps, NDAA and other supporting (GUN CONTROL) legislation. The explanation sounds FAR OUT and in a way, it is!

Has anyone investigated what is going on in all (over 150) the DUMBs throughout (and under) America? Has anyone figured out what ALIEN abductions and CATTLE mutilations were all about? With WHOM, exactly, did Eisenhower agree to the top-secret GREADA Treaty? Were William Pawelec and Phil Schneider liars – or did they tell the horrible (but politically incorrect) truth?

The ONLY TRUE explanation is the ONLY one that makes sense – in a physical, historical and spiritual sense!

America and most Western governments are UNDER TOTAL CONTROL by a genetically re-engineered, humanoid, reptilian ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN!

THEY LIVE – and look just like us, BUT AIN’T! THEY have infested America, including but not limited to CONgress, the WH, the Pentagon and Military, Federal Agencies, State and Municipal Police Depts., the MSM, Universities and schools. THEY are present even among janitors, garbage collectors, bus drivers, teachers, etc. Do THEY have an LCD (Lowest Common Denominator)? YES, THEY ALL LIE!

THEY are ALL closely involved in carrying out the ALIEN AGENDA, having as its ultimate goal the enslavement and then destruction of the ENTIRE Human Race and the destruction of the Human Habitat (Fukushima RADIATION over Japan, the Pacific ocean and the entire planet).

THEY use ZIONISM and the ROGUE State of ISRAEL as their main instruments of MASS MIND CONTROL, DECEPTION {Mossad Motto} and DESTRUCTION! Are THEY Jewish? “You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist” (VP and Zionist Joseph Biden). A “Jewish Zionist” is an OXYMORON. “I know the blasphemy of THEM which say THEY are Jews and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan!” {Revelation 2:9} SEE! also “Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews” {Alan Hart} Who CONJURED UP the global “WAR OF TERROR”, now in progress and kick-started {with NUKES, nano-thermate and ALIEN technology} on 911?

Like I said, it’s the ONLY explanation that makes sense!!!

GiveMeYourGunsClick on the ALIEN Uncle Sam!


MatrixSo WHO is “PRIME CREATOR”???

“I AM the Alpha and the Omega”

NovalightORGEND1AlphaOmegaJohn316PowerInTheBloodTestimonyOfJesusJesusTheChrist1“I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life. NO ONE comes to the Father except through Me!”

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Where are the Global ALIEN Centers of Control located? [Don’t forget to look in the DUMBs!] THEY also have an OFFICIAL “Homeland” and COMMAND AND CONTROL CENTER {aka MOSSAD} on planet Earth – created through MURDER, TERRORISM, VIOLENCE, DECEPTION and GENOCIDE {Zionist Israel – since 1948}



PyramidOfEvil3ObamaPuppet2ObamaTHEYLIVEZIOSatan1AlienInvasion2Orion1Pawelec1Click on William Pawelec photo!

Do THEY have a “Homeland”

on planet Earth?

zstardbYOU  BETCHA!

Mossad4What is the CURRENT OBJECTIVE of the ALIENS?

GiveMeYourGunsRevolverWhen THEY come for your guns,

just let THEM have the bullets!

BulletConstitutionDon’t let THEM burn the Constitution – BURN THEM!

THEYDIEGunFiring “The greatest danger to American freedom is an {ALIEN-controlled} government that ignores {and trashes} the Constitution.”

[Thomas Jefferson]

LawlessAmericaWarOfTheWorldsSynagogueSatan63TraitorsGUILTY  of  HIGH  TREASON!


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Globalist AGENDA {of the CRIMINAL, ALIEN-CONTROLLED Federal Gov’t} = ALIEN AGENDA [Transforming Humanity into an ANT {BUG} COLONY]. Remember, ALIENS are CONTROL FREAKS [NSA, Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc., ALL WORK TOGETHER to achieve TOTAL CONTROL over ALL INDIVIDUALS and TRANSFORM them into a GIGANTIC ANT {BUG} COLONY on planet Earth]. BEE-WARE of Windows 10!

AlienPoliceALIENAGENDANSA3MatrixControlSystemSlaveryMatrixTHEYLIVEHERE2ZIOSatan1ObamaTHEYLIVEAlienInvasion2THEY are coming to a neighborhood near YOU!

[Click on INVADED]

“People in Power” = ALIENS IN POWER!

Pawelec1Click on William Pawelec!

The ALIEN AGENDA at work in SPAIN!


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What’s happening to the Pacific Ocean – and all surrounding land masses and connected bodies of water? [Planet Earth]: DEATH by FUKUSHIMA RADIATION!!! Humanity has the Israeli Zionist AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN to “Thank”!


Click on ALIEN AGENDA, above!

FukushimaDeathPlume1ZIOSatan1skull-and-bones3RadiationDeath1YOU are NEXT! (wherever YOU are!)


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AI = ALIEN “INTELLIGENCE”! THEY LIVE and are plotting to ENSLAVE Americans, using DHS, CIA, MSM, CONgress, the WH, the Pentagon and Military, DoJ, FBI, NRO, TSA, NSA – and ALL the other ALIEN-INFESTED Federal Agencies! It appears that Prof. Stephen Hawking is a CLUELESS IDIOT when looking for ALIENS!

BattlefieldAmericaThe original ALIENS have genetically re-engineered THEMselves [in DUMBs] into the hybrid, humanoid, reptilian ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN!

Pawelec1Click on William Pawelec photo for the revealing interview!

Meanwhile, the ALIENS are making sure we spend $MILLIONS looking for THEM in outer Space, while THEY parade around right under our noses, here on planet Earth! Is Stephen Hawking an IDIOT – or an ALIEN?!

AlienHawkingProf. Hawking should “listen for” ALIENS on his TV set!!!

Chances are that the NASA Spaceballs, allegedly looking for ALIENS in Space, are ALIENS THEMselves!

NASATheyLiveWant to see (and meet) a REAL ALIEN? (below)

AlienYuriALIENS are genetically re-engineered (mostly in DUMBs), humanoid, reptilian CRITTERS and AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN, who look just like us – BUT AIN’T! THEY LIVE – EVERYWHERE on planet Earth!

Here are some more of THEM:


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A NEW FORUM for SUPER OOTW (Super Out-Of-This-World) DISQUSsion!

Click on the ALIEN HANDWarOfTheWorldsAlienInvasion2


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And what do AUTHENTIC JEWS have to say about Zionism and Israel?

RebbeTeitelbaum[Grand Rabbi of Satmar, Yoel Teitelbaum]

“Zionism {Israel} is the GREATEST and FINAL challenge of the Jewish people in exile {diaspora}.”


JudaismREJECTSZionismnozionism4And what does YAHWEH have to say?

[Ezekiel 22:20]


“I know the blasphemy of THEM which say THEY are Jews and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan!”

[Revelation 2:9]


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