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“We are all just prisoners here, {some} of our own device.”

Every day, people from many nations on Earth visit this blog…

[Visitors to this Blog in 2013 live in 147 different countries!]


…and my main “Sons of Light” website and my other websites (Blog#2; POA; BIO). Whether you live in the Maldives, Portugal, Belgium, Russia, Cambodia, Switzerland, France, Indonesia, Hungary, Poland, New Zealand, Israel, China, Australia, England, India, Bangladesh, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Kenya, Holland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Sudan, Norway, Sweden, America or anywhere else in the world, somehow you found this place. Since you did, consider yourself one of the few “Chosen”. Many are called, but few are “Chosen”.

We live in precarious END TIMES and in a world full of DECEPTION (Mossad motto), as you well know. The DECEPTION is FAR greater than you probably think. Among all of Satan’s and his ALIENS’ DECEPTION, the WHOLE TRUTH is extremely difficult to find (unEarth). The most dangerous and deceptive form of brainwashing (“programming”) humanity which THEY have adopted is the MEDIA, especially the “Boob Tube” (TV) but also the Print Media and even the Web (CNN, FOX, BBC, CBS, NBC, etc.). If you rely on those “popular” sources for Truth, you will NOT find it – but your thoughts and your actions will be gradually and imperceptibly CONTROLLED through subliminal messages and other deceptive techniques of mass mind control of which you are not even conscious! The ANCIENT ALIEN Enemy of Humanity is EXTREMELY cunning – as well as cold-blooded and cruel!

Time is Running Out (FAST) – Get Ready!

I’m very serious when I advise you to STUDY my websites and blogs (and embedded links), because a superficial inspection will NOT reveal to you some of the most important Truth on which your well-being and even survival will depend. The “language” which I have adopted to communicate Truth is universal and consists of colorful images as well as words and music. These can be understood by everyone, even if your command of English is not perfect.

The beauty and power of the Internet is that no matter where you are on this planet, even in the remotest place, you can have access to the Truth in privacy and you can thereby become FREE from the deceptive and destructive powers which rule planet Earth! THEY are now desperate in their final assault on humanity (911, 311, GRAND DEPRESSION, etc.) which will soon reach its climax. Fortunately, THEY are about to be EXPOSED and DESTROYED – THANK GOD!

The Savior of humanity, Jesus the Christ, said: “Be of good cheer – I have overcome the world”. Make SURE that you get to know Him and join the family of God and the new, spiritual and immortal humanity BEFORE time ends!

May God be with you and enlighten you with His Truth!

Have a beautiful day!

“When we have the right relationship with God, life is full of spontaneous, joyful uncertainty and expectancy.”

(Oswald Chambers, “My Utmost for his Highest”, April 29)

“In My Father’s house, there are many mansions.

I go to prepare a place for you.”

Who we are – and who we will be (Followers of Christ)

September 3

(The Origin of GodSend)

“He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places, far above all principality and power and might and dominion… and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.” (Ephesians 1:20,21; 2:6)

Get a revelation of that to your heart by the Holy Spirit, and see its emancipating power and its sustaining power. And that is for present revelation to the heart. That is the thing which the Lord has been seeking to reveal to our hearts more and more for a long time. The point is this, that, inasmuch as that is the side of vision presented, you and I have to seek the Lord for spiritual capacity to see it. And that leads us to that other fragment in the same letter, from which we have just quoted: “That He would grant unto you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, the eyes of your hearts being enlightened….” The eyes of your hearts being enlightened! That is the other side of vision.

Will you pray this for yourself? Will you pray this for all God’s people? When the Lord’s people get a new spiritual Holy Ghost revelation of the Sovereign Headship of Christ, and begin to hold fast the Head, they let go of everything that is local, and personal, and different, and scattered on the earth. That is the place to which to come for unity. We cannot be at variance with one another as the Lord’s children if Christ is absolute Sovereign Head in our lives. When the Lord Jesus gets the complete mastery as Head in our lives, then all independence of action, and life, and all self-will, self-direction, self-seeking, self-glory and self-vindication will go. These are the things which set us apart from one another. You pass from Isaiah, and as you do so you remember that you have the results of such a vision seen in this man Isaiah. Such a vision immediately has the effect of humiliating him to the dust. Oh, yes, we lose all our pride, all our importance when once we see the Lord in glory. “Woe is me….” That is humiliation! Then, after humiliation, there is consecration: “Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged.” And, after humiliation and consecration, there comes vocation: “…who will go for Us?” “Then I said, Here am I; send me.”

By T. Austin-Sparks from: The Lord’s Testimony and the World Need – Chapter 3

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Russia DOUBLES GAS PRICE to 28 EU countries! Will DOUBLE overflight fees for EU airlines if EU Sanctions continue.

RussiaGasBetter than cutting off gas to Europe!

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On 9-11-2001, America suffered a “False-Flag” ATTACK by ALIEN Powers of Darkness and their Zionist Slimeball AGENTS [Israeli and American]. The Israeli perpeTRAITORS and the COVER-UP CRIMINALS in the WH, CONgress, Federal Agencies {NSA, CIA, FBI, NRO, etc.}, the Pentagon and the Zionist-CONTROLLED MSM MUST be brought to Justice (HANGING) for HIGH TREASON! SEE! the previous post [9-10-2014] for the GORY DETAILS. If Humanity doesn’t STOP THEM, TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT of the HUMAN RACE will follow! (already in progress!) [UPDATED]..


Click on 6-second free-falling WTC #7

and FALSE FLAG images, above

AlienWarZIOSatan1ObamaPuppet2HangEmHighWarOfWordsALIENAGENDAcooltext1656440925cooltext1656442080cooltext1656441642ConstitutionSlaveryAlienTerrorNSA3MatrixControlSystemTranshumanZMatrixVFINALWARNINGPyramidOfEvil3AntiChristRisingAnti-ChristOphiuchusAlienAgenda14AlienAgenda2GodsWrath1Extinction“Your tears of sorrow will be turned into tears of joy!”


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“It is 100% CERTAIN that Israel (Mossad) did 911!” (and America’s Military Brass KNOW it) – [Dr. Alan Sabrosky - ex-USMC Officer]. Do YOU know it?! AND – do you know that NO COMMERCIAL AIRLINERS CRASHED AT ANY OF THE ALLEGED “CRASH” SITES??? [James Fetzer, PhD]. AND – do you know that pre-planted mini-NUKES were used {in addition to “conventional” explosives} during Zionist Israel’s 911 ATTACK ON AMERICA?! There’s A LOT MORE to the “Official” Federal Gov’t 911 FAIRY TALE than the DEMOLITION of WTC #7! For example – did you know that MIC executives and leading members of CONgress were “briefed” by Zionist Slimeballs on the coming “WAR OF TERROR” as early as 1998, LONG before 911 was STAGED? [Peter K. Joneleit, MBA and Executive Director of Bellcore {Telcordia}, owned by SAIC]?



3TraitorsThe 3 GREATEST CRIMINALS, LIARS, MURDERERS and TRAITORS America has ever known! What should patriotic Americans DO with THEM [and ALL members of their Administrations, their CONgress CRITTERS, political leaders and members of the MSM who participate(d) in the CRIMINAL COVER-UP to protect the DIABOLICAL Zionist Slimeballs in Israel and America]?

HangEmHighTHEN, NUKE Zionist Israel back to the STONE AGE!

NUKESforIsraelMeltingFaceThis event is also known as the “YAHWEH OPTION” or “HEAVENLY HOLOCAUST”

Zeke2220MazelTov0nozionism4BurkeQuoteWhat can YOU DO about it?



Donate4POA2AlienPlotDo you still wonder WHO assassinated JFK?


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Will there be a “March on Washington” and ALL OVER AMERICA by MILLIONS of the 99%??? [Start of the AMERICAN REVOLUTION #2] (UPDATED)

ObamaTHEYLIVEALIENAGENDA7daysinwhenSevenDaysZOG1There will be no “March on Washington” in sufficient numbers until more millions of the 99% are driven to economic RUIN and DESPAIR – already in progress since 2001 (the GRAND – and HIDDEN DEPRESSION). It’s all part of the ALIEN AGENDA, being executed by the Israeli Zionist Slimeball AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN, embedded in the WH, CONgress, the Repugnican and Democrappy political parties and America’s public and private institutions! The 1st target of the coming POPULAR REVOLUTION will be Zionist TRAITORS in government, the State and local “Police”, the Military and Public Enemy #1: the Zionist-CONTROLLED MSM. “SEVEN DAYS IN MAY” will be a much better (and less bloody) solution!

“Anyone suggesting aloud someone else should rise in revolt is probably an agent provacateur working for Homeland Security.” (Old Jules is right – about Jim Dean!)

7daysinwhenHangEmHighDon’t risk your life in a MINDLESS REVOLT!

JoinB the



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Attorney Edgar J. Steele – FRAMED, then MURDERED by America’s Zionist-CONTROLLED CRIMINAL Federal Gov’t., the FBI and DoJ.

SteelePrisonerClick on above image for a FLAWED Farewell to Edgar J. Steele

WHAT is the FLAW?

“In his impassioned Farewell speech to Edgar J. Steele, Mr. Covington failed to disclose the REAL IDENTITY of the “Dictatorship” which rules America and which murdered Edgar. Anyone with any honesty and brains whatsoever KNOWS that the American SSG (Secret Shadow Government) has its “homeland” in Zionist Israel and exercises its CONTROL through the “Israel Lobby”, including AIPAC and a host of other Israel-friendly organizations in which these Israel-FIRSTers are deeply embedded (including the WH, CONgress and the MSM – among MANY public and private institutions). Edgar managed to thoroughly offend the Zionists who run organizations like the ADL (Abe Foxman), which honored Edgar by placing him on their Blacklist.

Of course, these Israeli and American Zionists are only AGENTS for a FAR MORE SINISTER pack of raptor-like critters who are pursuing the FINAL PHASE of the ALIEN AGENDA: the ENSLAVEMENT of Americans and all of Humanity. If this sounds a little too FAR OUT, I suggest that anyone interested in learning the truth STUDY this website and all linked websites.

Mr. Covington’s racially motivated “Dictatorship” is not even in the ballpark!

America (and Humanity) desperately need “SEVEN DAYS IN MAY” to occur SOON and to SUCCEED – or else America and the planet will end up knee-deep in blood when the AMERICAN REVOLUTION II and GLOBAL REVOLUTION finally happen.” (Peter K. Joneleit)

Every now-and-then,

“The tree of liberty MUST be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots”

(Thomas Jefferson)

OFFICIAL Notification of Edgar J. Steele’s MURDER


Today, September 4, 2014, early afternoon, a California mortuary notified Mrs. Cyndi Steele that her husband Edgar was dead. At this time, specific circumstances regarding Mr. Steele’s death are being confirmed. The Free Edgar Steele web site and the Edgar Steele Defense Fund (ESDF) will release more information when available.

Mrs. Steele contacted the ESDF Board, saying she was utterly devastated by this information, and is furious that no Victorville representative contacted her in the last few days regarding his failing health and did not even call her regarding the death of her husband. It was cruel to allow the mortuary to make the call.

Based on the best knowledge at hand, the following are the most likely causes of death: drug overdoses, persistently delayed, insufficient, improper medical treatment and medical neglect.  The federal government and Victorville Penitentiary bears responsibility for the lives of the inmates who reside there and has refused to be accountable for the decline in Edgar Steele’s health.

Some hours before Mrs. Steele was contacted by the mortuary, ESDF President Robert Magnuson received an email corroborating Ms. Steele’s concern for her husband’s health and safety that showed Mr. Steele’s health has been in a sharp decline for the past month, which fact was obscured, if not hidden by the federal government.

First, Mr. Steele was the victim of a false prosecution, then he was imprisoned in the most dangerous prison health in America. Then his wife was never allowed to visit him despite a court order allowing visitation. Then, his health was compromised because of  neglect, and finally, the reports came in that he had been drugged out of his mind earlier this week, which was the final blow that killed him. Call it anything else you like, but it is murder.

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Get ready for 911-II Western “False-Flag” attack on NATO warships about to enter the Black Sea. This will be used as a STAGED provocation and EXCUSE for WAR WITH RUSSIA! As usual (911, 311), Israeli Zionist Slimeballs embedded in the American Gov’t (WH, CONgress, Pentagon, etc.) are behind these diabolical and deceptive maneuverings! [UPDATED]

USSRossClick on photo for story

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Did Russia really “INVADE” the Ukraine – or is it all the usual “Western Governments” BS?! Are the “Western Governments”, most prominently America, ruled by CRIMINALLY INSANE PSYCHOPATHS? [YOU BETCHA!]

Ukraine Language


William Binney, former Technical Director, World Geopolitical & Military Analysis, NSA; co-founder, SIGINT Automation Research Center (ret.)
Larry Johnson, CIA & State Department (ret.)
David MacMichael, National Intelligence Council (ret.)
Ray McGovern, former US Army infantry/intelligence officer & CIA analyst (ret.)
Elizabeth Murray, Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Middle East (ret.)
Todd E. Pierce, MAJ, US Army Judge Advocate (ret.)
Coleen Rowley, Division Counsel & Special Agent, FBI (ret.)
Ann Wright, Col., US Army (ret.); Foreign Service Officer (resigned)

MEMORANDUM FOR: Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

SUBJECT: Ukraine and NATO

We the undersigned are long-time veterans of U.S. intelligence. We take the unusual step of writing this open letter to you to ensure that you have an opportunity to be briefed on our views prior to the NATO summit on Sept. 4-5.

You need to know, for example, that accusations of a major Russian “invasion” of Ukraine appear not to be supported by reliable intelligence. Rather, the “intelligence” seems to be of the same dubious, politically “fixed” kind used 12 years ago to “justify” the U.S.-led attack on Iraq.

We saw no credible evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq then; we see no credible evidence of a Russian invasion now. Twelve years ago, former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, mindful of the flimsiness of the evidence on Iraqi WMD, refused to join in the attack on Iraq. In our view, you should be appropriately suspicious of charges made by the U.S. State Department and NATO officials alleging a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

President Barack Obama tried on Aug. 29 to cool the rhetoric of his own senior diplomats and the corporate media, when he publicly described recent activity in the Ukraine, as “a continuation of what’s been taking place for months now … it’s not really a shift.”

Obama, however, has only tenuous control over the policymakers in his administration – who, sadly, lack much sense of history, know little of war, and substitute anti-Russian invective for a policy. One year ago, hawkish State Department officials and their friends in the media very nearly got Mr. Obama to launch a major attack on Syria based, once again, on “intelligence” that was dubious, at best.

Largely because of the growing prominence of, and apparent reliance on, intelligence we believe to be spurious, we think the possibility of hostilities escalating beyond the borders of Ukraine has increased significantly over the past several days. More important, we believe that this likelihood can be avoided, depending on the degree of judicious skepticism you and other European leaders bring to the NATO summit next week.

Experience With Untruth

Hopefully, your advisers have reminded you of NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s checkered record for credibility. It appears to us that Rasmussen’s speeches continue to be drafted by Washington. This was abundantly clear on the day before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq when, as Danish Prime Minister, he told his Parliament: “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. This is not something we just believe. We know.”

Photos can be worth a thousand words; they can also deceive. We have considerable experience collecting, analyzing, and reporting on all kinds of satellite and other imagery, as well as other kinds of intelligence. Suffice it to say that the images released by NATO on Aug. 28 provide a very flimsy basis on which to charge Russia with invading Ukraine. Sadly, they bear a strong resemblance to the images shown by Colin Powell at the UN on Feb. 5, 2003, that, likewise, proved nothing.

That same day, we warned President Bush that our former colleague analysts were “increasingly distressed at the politicization of intelligence” and told him flatly, “Powell’s presentation does not come close” to justifying war. We urged Mr. Bush to “widen the discussion … beyond the circle of those advisers clearly bent on a war for which we see no compelling reason and from which we believe the unintended consequences are likely to be catastrophic.”

Consider Iraq today. Worse than catastrophic.

Although President Vladimir Putin has until now showed considerable reserve on the conflict in the Ukraine, it behooves us to remember that Russia, too, can “shock and awe.” In our view, if there is the slightest chance of that kind of thing eventually happening to Europe because of Ukraine, sober-minded leaders need to think this through very carefully.

If the photos that NATO and the U.S. have released represent the best available “proof” of an invasion from Russia, our suspicions increase that a major effort is under way to fortify arguments for the NATO summit to approve actions that Russia is sure to regard as provocative. Caveat emptor is an expression with which you are no doubt familiar. Suffice it to add that one should be very cautious regarding what Mr. Rasmussen, or even Secretary of State John Kerry, are peddling.

We trust that your advisers have kept you informed regarding the crisis in Ukraine from the beginning of 2014, and how the possibility that Ukraine would become a member of NATO is anathema to the Kremlin. According to a Feb. 1, 2008 cable (published by WikiLeaks) from the U.S. embassy in Moscow to Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, U.S. Ambassador William Burns was called in by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who explained Russia’s strong opposition to NATO membership for Ukraine.

Lavrov warned pointedly of “fears that the issue could potentially split the country in two, leading to violence or even, some claim, civil war, which would force Russia to decide whether to intervene.” Burns gave his cable the unusual title, “NYET MEANS NYET: RUSSIA’S NATO ENLARGEMENT REDLINES,” and sent it off to Washington with IMMEDIATE precedence. Two months later, at their summit in Bucharest NATO leaders issued a formal declaration that “Georgia and Ukraine will be in NATO.”

On Aug. 29, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk used his Facebook page to claim that, with the approval of Parliament that he has requested, the path to NATO membership is open. Yatsenyuk, of course, was Washington’s favorite pick to become prime minister after the Feb. 22 coup d’etat in Kiev.

“Yats is the guy,” said Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland a few weeks before the coup, in an intercepted telephone conversation with U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt. You may recall that this is the same conversation in which Nuland said, “Fuck the EU.”

Timing of the Russian “Invasion”

The conventional wisdom promoted by Kiev just a few weeks ago was that Ukrainian forces had the upper hand in fighting the anti-coup federalists in southeastern Ukraine, in what was largely portrayed as a mop-up operation. But that picture of the offensive originated almost solely from official government sources in Kiev. There were very few reports coming from the ground in southeastern Ukraine. There was one, however, quoting Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, that raised doubt about the reliability of the government’s portrayal.

According to the “press service of the President of Ukraine” on Aug. 18, Poroshenko called for a “regrouping of Ukrainian military units involved in the operation of power in the East of the country. … Today we need to do the rearrangement of forces that will defend our territory and continued army offensives,” said Poroshenko, adding, “we need to consider a new military operation in the new circumstances.”

If the “new circumstances” meant successful advances by Ukrainian government forces, why would it be necessary to “regroup,” to “rearrange” the forces? At about this time, sources on the ground began to report a string of successful attacks by the anti-coup federalists against government forces. According to these sources, it was the government army that was starting to take heavy casualties and lose ground, largely because of ineptitude and poor leadership.

Ten days later, as they became encircled and/or retreated, a ready-made excuse for this was to be found in the “Russian invasion.” That is precisely when the fuzzy photos were released by NATO and reporters like the New York Times’ Michael Gordon were set loose to spread the word that “the Russians are coming.” (Michael Gordon was one of the most egregious propagandists promoting the war on Iraq.)

No Invasion – But Plenty Other Russian Support

The anti-coup federalists in southeastern Ukraine enjoy considerable local support, partly as a result of government artillery strikes on major population centers. And we believe that Russian support probably has been pouring across the border and includes, significantly, excellent battlefield intelligence. But it is far from clear that this support includes tanks and artillery at this point – mostly because the federalists have been better led and surprisingly successful in pinning down government forces.

At the same time, we have little doubt that, if and when the federalists need them, the Russian tanks will come.

This is precisely why the situation demands a concerted effort for a ceasefire, which you know Kiev has so far been delaying. What is to be done at this point? In our view, Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk need to be told flat-out that membership in NATO is not in the cards – and that NATO has no intention of waging a proxy war with Russia – and especially not in support of the rag-tag army of Ukraine. Other members of NATO need to be told the same thing.

IF Russia wanted to INVADE the Ukraine,  would they do a half-assed job???

PaulCraigRobertsClick on photo for more on the INSANE ASYLUM which poses as the American government. Remember, ALL American INSANE politicians are selected in Tel Aviv by the Israeli Zionist Slimeball AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN!

TheyLive666THEYLIVEHERE2CriminallyInsaneWesternLeadersHere they are – the CRIMINALLY INSANE warmongers of  Western governments!

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